Understand waste charges and achieve the concept of "PAY AS YOU THROW"

Waste Separation in

Single Block Building


About Wisdom Regeneration

Wisdom Regeneration was established in 2017 by a group of local Environmental Protection supporters, through interactive education and promotion of Environment Protection care to achieve continuous community development. For instance, produce household essentials by glass,  promote and educate old wood regeneration and source separation of domestic waste, hold educational and promotional activities with non-profit making organizations.  We also promote reduction of domestic waste by source separation through different social interactive platforms such as Facebook, Road Show, Booth, promotion board.


There are increasing pollution problems in recent years and they are actually affecting our environment. We hope we can raise community’s awareness on environment protection and its importance through organizing different educational activities. We promote and educate residential community, advocate source separation of domestic waste, monitor environmental protection policy enforcement in community, suggest and deliver environmental protection messages, assist and organize domestic waste recycling activities, encourage different people to participate in recycling programs.

ECF funding for simulating MSW charging scenarios

The government is planning to implement municipal solid waste (“MSW”). To enhance the knowledge of PAYT, and induce incentive to reduce waste and increase recycling. The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) provides funding to non-profit making organizations to perform community involvement projects at different premises for simulating different MSW charging scenarios. We can learn from these experiences and refine the best practice guide.