MSW048 - Background

The government is planning to implement municipal solid waste (“MSW”) charging

To enhance the knowledge of PAYT, and induce incentive to reduce waste and increase recycling. The Environment and Conservation Fund provides funding to non-profit organizations (NGOs) to perform community involvement projects at different premises for simulating different MSW charging scenarios. We can learn from these experiences and refine the best practice guide.

Experience Solid Waste Charging in Your Community

The program of Experience Solid Waste Charging in Your Community is organized by Wisdom Regeneration, co-organized by the Incorporated Owners of Wah Po Building and Harbour View Garden (Block 1 & 2), and funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund. The program runs a period of 6-months of community waste charging trial.

Test new methods in designated buildings in the Central and Western Districts

To assist residents to reduce waste, recognize waste charges, and implement the principle of “Pay as you throw” to prepare for charges.

Locations of Recycle Point

Location of Recycling Bins

Wah Po Building’s rear lane

Recycle Bags for Each Floor – Wah Po Building

Front stairs (Plastics)

Back stairs (Metal)

Materials donated by Cathay Pacific Catering Services (H.K.) Ltd.

Location of Recycling Bins

Lobby of Wah Po Building