MSW311 - Background

The Government is preparing for the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) Charging

To get the community prepared for the implementation of MSW charging and reduce waste, the ECF establishes the scheme to subsidies non-profit organisations with the incorporated owners and property management limited to simulate the experience of MSW charging, to have the opportunity to review the scheme and refine the best practice guide.

``Keep Your Community Green, Waste Reduce``

is co-organized by Wisdom Regeneration Company Limited (NPO), Owners’ Committee of Monterey, Harriman Property Management Limited, and funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund. The trial program of waste charging runs for a period of 6 months. This program is only in experimental nature and it is completely FREE OF CHARGE. The objective is to early let the residents experience and understand the future charging mode, that is charging by designated garbage bags (DGB) which is applicable to the most residential buildings, and to develop the habit of waste reduction so as to reduce the expense in DGB.

The simulation of new charging mode in designated buildings

can assist residents to reduce waste, understand waste charges, finally to achieve the Pay-As-You-Throw principle and get ready for charges.


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MONTEREY Recycling Facilities

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